The team is developing two research topics related to molecular engineering of catalysts and in situ and operando research as well as conservation chemistry.

In situ and operando studies

in heterogeneous catalysis and material chemistry

In the field of catalysis, we deal with structural reactors in processes related to environmental protection. Structural reactors are an idea for increasing the mass and heat transport parameters of reagents, as well as for any scale enlargement of processes, which is a fundamental engineering problem in large-scale process design. The practical use of this type of structure depends on the invention of active nanocomposite catalysts that would meet increased transport properties, as well as precise methods for the preparation of catalysts with a given structure and properties on metal substrates (structural reactor fillings) that would not change their geometry. These are the two main tasks that the Team deals with. Developed methods of surface analysis relate to in situ and operando methods.

Conservation chemistry

non-destructive testing of cultural heritage objects

In the field of conservation chemistry, research focuses on issues related to the degradation of materials and methods of their prevention, as well as the development of modern techniques of physicochemical analysis of materials used in museum facilities (painting, prints). The team specializes in degradation studies of natural polymers (cellulose, proteins) and dyes. In particular, research methods adapted to the study of reaction mechanisms are developed, as well as non-invasive or microinvasive techniques for analyzing works of art based on infrared spectroscopy and photoacoustic signal detection, X-ray fluorescence, gel and gas chromatography. The team cooperates with a number of cultural institutions in Poland and abroad, including the Jagiellonian Library, the National Museum in Krakow and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. The research was initiated by prof. Andrzej Barański as part of the “Acid Paper" Multiannual Government Program, initiated and implemented by him.