Sonata project

Project data:

Number: 2016/23 / D / ST5 / 00451
PI: dr Dominika Pawcenis
Awarded amount: PLN 632 300
Project start: 2017-07-18
Project duration: 36 months

The aim of the project is to develop a hybrid material consisting of functionalized nanocellulose and metal nanoparticles embedded in it (palladium, platinum, copper or cobalt) and then study the properties of such a combination. It is expected that converting macrocellulose to nanocellulose will achieve a number of desirable properties such as greater porosity, greater hygroscopicity, and better thermal, mechanical and optical properties.

Presentation of project results at conferences:

  1. 61. Zjazd Naukowy Polskiego Towarzystwa Chemicznego, prezentacja “Nanocząstki metali osadzane w pochodnych nanocelulozy – synteza i charakterystyka" D. Pawcenis, D. K. Chlebda, R. J. Jędrzejczyk, M. Sitarz, J. Łojewska, 17-21 września 2018 r. Kraków
  2. 4th International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites (BiPoCo 2018), poster „Morphology, catalytic and antimicrobial activity of nanocellulose-metal nanoparticles composites obtained with different methodsD. Pawcenis, D. K. Chlebda, R. J. Jędrzejczyk, M. Sitarz, J. Łojewska, 2-6 września 2018 r., Balatonfured, Węgry. (I miejsce w konkursie na najlepsze postery)

Publication of project results in magazines:

  1. D. Pawcenis, D. K. Chlebda, R. J. Jędrzejczyk, M. Leśniak, M. Sitarz, J. Łojewska, Preparation of silver nanoparticles using different fractions of TEMPO-oxidized nanocellulose, European Polymer Journal 2019, 116, 242-255

Apparatus purchased:

  1. Electro spinner with atmosphere control module, with two pump system, single and co-axial nozzle, man. Bionicia S. L., purchased April 2018.
  2. Freeze dryer with ice condenser -85 ° C Telstar, purchased in March 2018.
  3. Hydrolab HLP10UV water purification system, purchased June 2018.