OPUS 12 – If not a ceramic monolith then what?

Project data:

Number: 2016/23/B/ST8/02024
PI: dr hab. Joanna Łojewska
Przyznana kwota: 1 391 000 PLN
Project start: 2017-10-12
Projet duration: 36 months

In this project, we propose the use of a special type of structural fillings of catalytic reactors in the form of metallic foams, used as catalyst supports for the combustion of methane. A better definition of metallic sponges has not been accepted among researchers.
Why structural reactors? Structural fillings of the reactors enable any scale enlargement of processes, because the description of phenomena occurring in the geometric unit of the structure can be infinitely multiplied. Why foam? The classic solution in the field of structural reactors are ceramic monoliths, used e.g. as catalysts in cars. However, these also have their drawbacks. Foams allow for much better mixing of reagents than ceramic monoliths, and better mixing means a more efficient process as well as smaller reactor sizes. This is important for carrying out many very fast reactions, such as oxidation reactions.
Why burning up methane? Methane cannot be underestimated as the most widespread fossil fuel, but also as a greenhouse gas with 20 times greater heat capacity than carbon dioxide. Methane can be burned to produce heat or energy, and it should be burned if it is a waste gas component. However, methane does not burn easily and requires high temperature and concentration. So how do you remove it if it is very low and is accelerated in a huge stream of gases, as it happens in the mine's ventilation shafts. All that remains is then catalytic afterburning in structural reactors. The classic and only solution used so far is a palladium catalyst embedded in a ceramic monolith. Can it be replaced with another cheaper catalyst? What should a catalytic reactor look like under such conditions?

The consortium:

  1. prof. dr hab. inż. Maciej Sitarz, WIMIC AGH
  2. dr hab. Anna Gancarczyk, IICh PAN

Publication of project results in magazines:

  1. Chrzan, M., Chlebda, D., Jodłowski, P., Salamon E., Kołodziej A., Gancarczyk A., Sitarz, M., Łojewska, J, Towards Methane Combustion Mechanism on Metal Oxides Supported Catalysts: Ceria Supported Palladium Catalysts, Topics in Catalysis, vol. 62, 2019, p. 403–412
    DOI: 10.1007/s11244-019-01143-8
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Publication of project results in conferences:

  1. Gancarczyk A. i wsp., Influence of solid foams strut shape on heat and mass transfer intensity, 6th International Conference on Structured Catalysts and Reactors, ICOSCAR-6, Bad Herrenalb, Germany, September 11-13, 2019
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  4. M. Sitarz, The Tenth International Conference on High Performance Ceramics (CICC-10) November 04-07, 2017, Nanchang

Apparatus purchased:

  1. Retrofitting of the micro-Raman / AFM operand measuring station.
  2. Computer set
  3. Gas flow meter
  4. Computer set with software
  5. Laboratory tubular furnace
  6. Control unit

  8. UBOT printer
  9. Snap

  10. Temperature control system