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Direction: Sustainable chemistry

Sustainable chemistry
Inorganic chemistry with elements of solid state chemistry
The main achievement of modern chemistry is the ability to synthesize materials with a given structure and properties. Therefore, the goal of the course is to introduce the student to modern issues of inorganic chemistry with the use of knowledge in the field of thermodynamics and kinetics as well as quantum chemistry acquired during the course in the basics of chemistry. The main emphasis will be on gaining the ability to predict the properties of elements and chemical compounds based on the electronic structure, the theory of molecular orbitals, hybridization and on linking these properties with the structure of the molecule and structure of matter. Part of the lecture will be devoted to the latest issues of inorganic chemistry such as chemistry of boron and carbon compounds in the context of graphene, photochemistry and nanochemistry. The lecture will be illustrated with examples and scheme.

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1. Chemia nieorganiczna – materiały do konwersatorium – Joanna Łojewska

Direction: Chemistry

Instrumental analysis (laboratory)
Exercise "Non-destructive elemental analysis. Liquid and solids analysis using X-ray fluorescence with energy dispersion ":

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